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and make sure the investigation wasn't in any way tainted. >> yofrk are i don't think it's wise or justifiable for him to be at the range firing with ammuniti ammunition. >> you think there was something wrong with it? i don't. why aren't they coming to me and questioning me? >> it's important to stress by all indications sheriff smith did not break the law, but as you heard, experts call it a mistake in judgment. after leaving a rehab program, aldon smith turned himself in at the sheriff's department. he posted bail and his since entered a not guilty plea to the felony weapons charges. now coming up after the break, we investigate crime statistics inside police sources speaking out. the city of san jose getting caught in a numbers game. >>> the numbers don't lie. or do they? san francisco's biggest city boasted that gang crime has gone down considerably. but high-ranking sources in the san jose police department revealed the city was playing a numbers game with crime statistics. investigative reporter broke the story. >> it was the night before memorial day. >> he's got headpho
. their annual conntions don't st bring in blogger, b big names le president obama, facebook, anichelesandberg. are you surprised o success? >> i grew up in print and then at a time when messa boards were so popul and robust in the first bubble. and at the time, i remember i can put up some of the best magazine content o line and i can't t women ute of the messag brds. and iwas fascinating and education educationa because it turnedouwe were the lucy ricardos and the dearabbyes. off own lives. and that is gold right there. >> blogger headquarters by t way, right o t peninsula in redwoods shore the. interesting in attending next ar's coention? it's bng held in san jose. is it a blessing or a curseo have the zuckerberg name. it's a blessing when it comes to her nking account and perhaps a curse wn it comes to creating her own identity. but ranni, ge from facebo, now launching her next project when you look at her facebook time li, it's a lot like everyone else's family gatherin weddings and halloween cosmes. >> is there a timeou don't give out your name and you don't want to go there? >> setimes
. >> i don't deny who was. i've never denied who i was. >> high profile ansgender actor thera sparksalks openly about cnging her gender but not who she is. >> randi zuckerberg steps out from her brother's shadow. >> i'm so gratefulor the expeence i had at facebook i'm no grate tofl my brother. but it was also really iortant for me to make a name for myself o. >>> here nbc bay area's r >> thanks for joining us. we have some trail blazers with us tonight, some house hold names, oers youight be time.and hearing for the first but all of our stors tonight give us a rare behind t scenes look at these dynamicews mars. we begin with the colorfulnd controversial john mcphie. he recently turned down an off to fixed the obama care website. in the silicone wife. aew compa and a new murder of his neighbor and the media frenzy that followed. john mcafee hasurned hisife willingly into a hollywood script. >> is this the story of a successful sbe preneurowho went crazand became a murderer or is this the gatest bleep ] of all tim >> we caughtp with mcafe in portland, oregon and now he's in the
. >> if that's what i told you and sources inside the jail that's providing you information i don't know independently right now. that was weeks ago. >> would you like to hear the voice mail? >> no i would not. >> while deputies in the jail say it's common practice for suspects to spend a minimum of five hours behind bars smith was booked at 9 kplo 40 released at 11 dlo 7b. one hour and 20 minutes in the county jail. and an hour later he was back on the practice field. >> so did smith get the star treatment on that friday morning? >> yes he certainly did. >> would the average person be allowed to leave after just a couple of hours? >> no. >> did smith receive preferential treatment. >> smith did not receive preferential treatment. >> the questions don't end there. coming up after the break deride in your helicopter that day? >> yeah. >> why smith got to ride in the sheriff's helicopter and shoot the department's high powered weapons. the sheriff's answer next. >> welcome back. we heard sheriff smith contend there was no preferential treatment for aldon smith. now our
. here is vicky nguyen. >> they don't want you to ask questions, they want you to do what they say. >> reporter: he worked at sam tram from 2001 to 2012. >> it's on the worker bees, the grunts who know what's going on. in this case, my scenario, i know what's going on. >> reporter: his duties include caltrains financial statements. he was asked to make changes that were illegal. it was to inflate the expenses to ask for more money. >> we had to increase expenses where there were no expenses. >> reporter: the finance manager asked him to record made-up expenses for services they never received. >> it's hard to believe. >>itis hard to believe, but it's done. it happened. >> reporter: from san francisco to gilroy, the trains, buses provide more than 100,000 ride as day. >> people plan on public transportation. >> reporter: they announced a crisis. $30 million deficit. >> every year, we scramble to come up with funds. >> every year, they raise fares and freeze salaries. he would be asked to move money around. initially, you went alon with it, why? >> it was a sad story. the caltrain is
'llisit a small san francisco sttup tackling a real problem. >> the real bottleneck ishat most schools don't hav computer science teacrs. >> i was wrong. >> a local educatepologizes for her role in no child left behind. >> i wouldn'dianne rage speaks about pocy and public schools mplgs i think the evaluion of >> welcome tohe special class action, a loo at education in the bay area and yond. we're going to srt tonight with the core, theommon co. it m have already started i your class. schools the bay area are introducing ose common standards this fall called common core standards. the common core haseen widely adopted in theay area butot withou controversy. >> could i count by 2s if want to? yes, i could do each square by two. matt class is different this ar in lincoln high school in san se. lots and lotsf word problems. >> in the past most of us would have spent a couple ofays on the basic skull and then maybe one d at the end of the chapter on a word problem and then go on to the next topic. whereas now we're doing word problems ery day. >> word prlems are central t the common ce standard, ti
that they don't have to do remedial work a a counity college. this is extremely low bar. >> professor milgram did t sign off on e standards. teachers protested when the first test scores came out, showing a significant drop under common core. that's why in san francio, the district is doing advanced work to prepare for tt coming chan. >> we can certainly expect >> n standards mean new tests and abandoning those decades old bubble tests in favor forew the common core.m aligned with >> i em going to count by twos. >> it's definitely a challenge. >> studes and teach e with one thing in common. the standards at the core of a new type of edation. >> nowhat transition to the common core will affect the stats system. to end.dized testing is likely there's still a lotp in the air, b here's what we know out california's tesng plan so far. students will notake the well known star test this year. instead, this spring, se students will tak computerized practice tests aligned tthe common core. and those results won't count and parents won't see those scor. a year later, t officia common ce tests will debu
behind the wheel i realized i don't know how to drive. >> if you are the bright mind this institution cultivates -- >> michael true to form, has conquered that by now. traveling the country talking about what he sees as the biggest evil in the country. >> everybody in here knows somebody that's been incarcerated. >> flib can become more than the bad decisions of their past. >> stand up and be heard. >> in addition to his teaching position and speaking engagements, michael developed a program called straight a guide to help ex-cons transition back into society. our next story interestingly enough begins with breaking the law but not nearly as serious an example. this time it was a traffic ticket. one that tracey pete geico once got. a ticket that led to community service that ultimately led to her starting a program combining her two great passions, fashion and helping her hometown. in the basement of a church, in the heart of the bay view, might to some seem a long way from the fashion houses of new york, paris and milan. to air el is a start to the top. the woman she's talking about
the laws that i don't believe it. but i don't have a right to break the laws. that's what totally transformed my life. >> he vowed then and there to do his time and contribute to society. what followed was an undergraduate degree, a masters degree in hofstra university. michael was even on his way to a ph.d. until his warden shut that down. >> the ward .said that this is a threat to our security. we're not a university. this is a prison. >> still, moo i kel says that just enabled him to focus on writing, aided at that point by his wife carol. they met while michael was behind bars and have been married for ten years now. while in prison, michael published more than half a dozen books about his experience and prison life in general. professors around the country began adding his works to their courses. but it was one school, though that decided to add michael himself. >> i said really? it was an amazing moment for me to think that the university was going to hire me. >> the transition, though, was not without its bumps. >> the biggest surprise was learning how to drive. i didn't kn
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9